Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive
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Allied Works was a finalist in an international design competition for the new Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. BAM/PFA is an institution that serves as a museum, film center and archive, a presenter of diverse cultural programming and a catalyst for new artistic production. The site is an important gateway between the city of Berkeley and the University of California campus.

The building proposal is a compound structure defined by differing qualities of light and ways of engaging the collection. The design envisions two interlocking spatial systems—one for art and one for film. In the first system, a continuous and ascending gallery sequence engages the street and brings visitors into contact with the collection, the campus, city and the Berkeley Hills beyond. Advanced daylighting and reconfigurable spaces provide a range of environments for the presentation of the diverse collection of the museum. In the second system, massive walls spiral into the earth and hold a chain of discrete volumes for lectures, performance, archival storage, film screenings and multi-media installations.

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