Catlin Gabel Creative Arts Center
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Allied Works designed this multi-disciplinary educational facility for a private elementary and secondary school in Portland’s West Hills. Catlin Gabel aspired to improve the physical qualities of the existing arts facilities as well as elevate the importance of the arts in its core curriculum and school mission.

The new Creative Arts Center creates an “arts quad” and outdoor public space that brings together the arts curriculum of both the middle and upper schools and provides a gathering space celebrating the importance of the arts as an integrating force in the overall education provided to the students.

Designed as a hub for creative learning and integrative study, the building’s classrooms and teaching spaces are visually connected to and incorporate a multi-level performance theater, spaces for visual arts and music instruction, as well as digital media classrooms. Exposed wood trusses span the 24’ structural bays, providing a continuous, light filtering pattern of intersecting wood truss members through to the lower level circulation spaces. The building’s exterior is clad in locally sourced cedar siding that responds well to the scale and regional materials at Catlin Gabel.

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