Fast Retailing—Uniqlo City
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In 2014, Following work for subsidiary fashion labels labels Theory and Helmut Lang in New York City, Allied Works opened discussions with Fast Retailing, CEO Tadashi Yanai and Global Creative Director John C. Jay for the design of their global headquarters and primary creative studio in Tokyo’s Ariake District.

The new facility is designed to reposition the company and provide new resources, modes of interaction, and inspiration to its workforce of 1,200 persons. At the same time, it will help showcase the company’s history and core values of quality, comfort, and individuality, and attract talent from across the Japanese apparel sector and internationally.

Covering more than 4.5 acres, "Uniqlo City" takes the street as its inspiration, as a clearly legible space of circulation, crossover and engagement with the many divisions of the company. This urban logic extends into the development of diverse neighborhoods and shared resources centered around specific products or critical roles in the production process. These are interwoven with places of learning and regeneration, including a roof garden and restaurant, print library, media hub, and informal lounges embedded within the work lofts. Like the city itself, the experience of these workspaces is one that is fluid, connected and ever-changing.

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