Hudson Yards Boulevard Park Proposal
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Allied Works, with landscape architects Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, developed a detailed proposal as finalist for the design of Hudson Yards Boulevard Park in New York City. The 12-block park on Manhattan’s westside is planned as the heart of a new high-rise, mixed-use development on the site of former industrial lands and railyards. In addition to galvanizing the new district, the project will also help connect the area to existing infrastructure and greenspace networks throughout the city.

The proposal is composed of braided watercourses, lawns, wildflower meadows, plazas, a new subway entrance pavilion and winter garden. The design creates an identifiable precinct within the city through the introduction of a sheltering canopy of trees and columnar glass “prisms” that gather light and illuminate the below-grade levels of parking and infrastructure. Distributed throughout the district, the prisms create a winter canopy of light and lead to the park’s principal structures. Allied Works’ design for the winter garden and subway pavilion further explore the properties of light and glass, acting as lenses that capture, concentrate and transmit the ambient light of the city.

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