Feature Animation Facility
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In 2007, Allied Works was selected to plan and design a new creative workspace for an animation studio in Emeryville, California. In the first phase of work, Allied Works conducted extensive research into the culture of the company and the demands of the animation process, and developed a comprehensive program and master plan for the 21-acre site. The plan addressed issues of building size and budget, future buildout, landscape design, and also established core principles and design aspirations for the new facility.

Scheduled to open in early 2011, the four-story, 155,000sf feature animation facility will accommodate up to 900 artists and support staff. The design builds upon the ethos and creative vision of the studio as well as the industrial history of the site. The building is organized as four concrete frame and masonry shells, unified by a network of interior streets and common gathering spaces. The project is designed accommodate the shifting organizational and technological demands of the production process. At the same time, the building fosters a sense of community, connection and creative collaboration at all scales, from informal lounges and small group workspaces to building-wide amenities such as a theater, roof garden and central hearth.

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