Santa Fe Railyards Park
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In 2002, Allied Works, in collaboration with San Francisco-based Tom Leader Studio, was selected as a finalist for the Santa Fe Railyards Park. The project is situated on former industrial and railway land near the historic core of the city. The team developed a cohesive strategy which would unify the many disparate functions called for in the project master plan. At the heart of the scheme is an open-air public market structure, sited to engage transit, commercial, and cultural institutions, and to revitalize a series of neighboring warehouses. The market employs a standardized palette of materials and components including tilt-up concrete and laminated wood beams. The durable and cost effective solution facilitates future expansion while remaining true to the industrial character of the site. Special consideration was given throughout the park design to sustainable building practices such as water conservation and runoff management, the use of renewable materials and the creation of comfortable and efficient environments for commerce, public gathering and recreation.

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