United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial
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In November, 2016, Allied Works was selected as a finalist for the forthcoming United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial in London. The project is the culmination of years of advocacy, planning and fundraising by the Holocaust Memorial Foundation; it will be the capstone of an ongoing effort to document and record testimony from the remaining survivors of the Holocaust throughout the UK. The Memorial and an adjacent Learning Centre will be located in Victoria Tower Gardens, immediately south of the Houses of Parliament along the River Thames. Finalist proposals are currently on exhibit in London, and a winning scheme will be announced later this year.

Our proposal for the Memorial is not an object, but rather the creation of a sacred space to serve the voices of survivors. It rises from the grounds of Victoria Tower Gardens, weaving into the daily life of London. Folding back like a prayer shawl, or tallit, it holds visitors in an embrace with the spoken word while framing a view to Parliament, underlining our shared accountability, our individual and collective responsibility to bear witness, to prevent atrocities and resist abuses of state power.

Marked with an invocation by the poet Robert Montgomery, the Memorial and Learning Centre will provide a place where all may come to receive testimony, to hear the voice of our shared humanity and be inspired to take action against those who would deny it. It is a place to gather, listen, learn and remember—a space for Britain and the entire world.

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