U.S. Embassy—Mozambique
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The new U.S. Embassy in Mozambique is on a 10-acre campus in the capital city of Maputo. Spaces for working, living, and representational events are set within a site of hills and coastal dunes adjacent to the Indian Ocean.

The Embassy design incorporates the State Department’s goals of security and transparency through architectural acts of weaving, screening and revealing. A perception of open site boundaries, building masses that meander in the landscape, and brise-soleil tailored to control light, air and views connect those who live and work on the campus to the natural beauty and culture of Mozambique.

The campus includes a main chancery building, a Marine Security Guard residence, facilities for the Embassy community, and service buildings. A series of site-cast concrete walls wind through the site, defining exterior spaces, setting building locations, and bringing the Embassy’s presence to the surrounding street. The chancery itself consists of three connected volumes, oriented north/south, that merge at opposing ends to define exterior spaces and create interior connections between general work areas. A series of wood-clad volumes run through the building’s interior from east to west and from floor to floor, orienting visitors and accommodating the primary social functions of the Embassy. Cellular concrete walls, with apertures defined by the specific angles of the sun, provide shade from direct sunlight while preserving daylight and views for the occupants within.

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